Do you ship worldwide?

Of course. You can find it in the section on “Shipping & Returns”. In case of doubt, please contact us directly.

Are all the objects original?

Yes, all our items are original from the each period. The guarantee and security is one of our priorites. In any case when they are a copy or version, this will always be indicated in the script text accompanying with the object.

I have seen an sold item it is possible to locate a similar for me?

We can try. We have a big storage facility, and with our long experience, we can draw on many professional contacts in this sector. Trying to locate an object is allways a challenge and a pleasure for us. Especially when it revolves around the happiness of our clients.

Are the objects restored?

Usually no. Our products are in original condition. In the case that a object has been restored or modified, are this always indicated on the accompanying script. However if you need to restored a object, we have a service of art and antique restauration.

Wunderkammershop is also a physical store too?

For now Wunderkammershop sale only online, but in the near future will be open a physical store.

Can I see the object directly before I buy?

Of course. Contact us and we will give you a appointment.

Can I pick up the item personally?

This is also possible by appointment with the customer in each case.