Wunderkammershop is an online store specializing in antiques, modern design, vintage and collectible items, mainly from the XIX and XX centuries.

Like a modern Wunderkammer, our selection of pieces is an eclectic concept, in which the motivation of our passion for collecting, art, antiques, and vintage design is.

In our shop you can find creations of leading designers, rare examples for collectors from the most prestigious manufacturer, but always interesting pieces anonymous unique and able to enthuse too.

Our items are original objects and we took a great attention to the state and the originality conservation status, always with a lot of respect for the original patina and finish.

The quality of our products and our professionalism are backed by our long experience on the field of antiques, collectibles and conservation-restoration by cultural property.

Items that appear on this page are a small representation of our stock. We have a major store and expanded our daily offering. In a search for an object, we can probably get that piece that you are looking for, just ask us.